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The SYMBIS Relationship Assessment

This assessment is for married couples as much as it is for engaged couples.  The SYMBIS Assessment helps couples (dating or married) better understand how their unique personalities and experiences interact together. The report that SYMBIS generates will help you focus on specific areas for improvement and will give you a head start in creating a healthy, enjoyable marriage. 


Here's How It Works

Each of you will be emailed your own questionnaire containing about 100 questions, taking about 45 minutes to complete.  The questions are the same for each person. When both of you have completed the questions and have submitted your answers, you will each receive a detailed report explaining your unique and combined results. SYMBIS has been proven to help prepare couples for marriage and strengthen established marriages.

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No Two Reports Are The Same

Your results will show how you scored and will recommend areas to address in different categories such as:

financial habits

well-being and life balance

differences in preference dynamics

communication styles

personal needs and expectations

conflict management

marriage mindset and goals

time management

sexual needs and intimacy

expectations for gender roles

extended family and friends

strengths, weaknesses, and harmony

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