"First Night, First Year"

Marriage Prep Program

Don’t Just Plan Your Wedding, Prepare for a Successful Marriage


"First Night First Year" Marriage Prep Program 

The perfect bridal shower or wedding gift!  This marriage prep program includes three parts: the SYMBIS Relationship Assessment and Report, the First Night Preparation Course, and the 12-month Marriage Enhancement Program to get them through that hardest first year. Designed and proven to significantly improve the chances of marital success.

Only $197


What's Included

The SYMBIS Relationship Assessment and Report is an assessment of the individual and couple that helps clarify areas in the relationship that are strengths and areas that need some attention and discussion. The report is meant to bring potential challenges to the surface so they can be addressed before marriage. SYMBIS stands for Save Your Marriage Before It Starts.

 Sold alone - $49 USD.

The "First Night" Preparation Course includes a series of educational coaching videos that will prepare the couple for marriage, including their first night of physical intimacy together.  Our clean and classy approach walks each couple through male and female anatomy, hygiene, and the basics of intercourse and orgasm. While we do use a computer-generated diagram of the anatomy, we never use pornography to teach anything! This is a very thorough course and is sure to cover more than mom and dad ever did. In fact, this course will cover topics that mom and dad probably don’t even know about. Also, we don’t teach anything that contradicts spiritual beliefs or encourages sexual practices that may be inappropriate or offensive to anyone. We simply teach couples how to approach this topic as educated, respectful, and empathetic adults.  

We set the happy couple up for success by helping them think through things that most married couples wish they had thought of, like how to set the scene for their first experience, how to relax their nerves, and how to communicate effectively – to nourish lifelong connection and joy, to improve empathy and selflessness, and to increase comfort, trust, and desire regarding non-sexual intimacy, sexual intimacy and intercourse.

All these tools and a few other fun goodies, like a candle, treat, and lubrication are all included in their First Night Welcome Box that they will receive in the mail before the Big Day. 

The "First Year" Marriage Enhancement Program is our 12-month flagship! This program is designed for all married couples, whether they have been married for a week, a month, a decade, or 40 years. It’s designed to establish or reestablish healthy marital habits – those habits that have been proven to fuel more marital bliss.

Every month, for that first year, the couple will be able to access the online lesson for that specific month, which will include a themed coaching video and supportive tools in their digital library. Each month's theme corresponds to one of the SYMBIS Report categories.  This will give them a chance to dive more deeply into their SYMBIS results – in more detail to discuss their insights and to better learn and grow together. Seriously, everyone can benefit from this program, whether your marriage is strong already or struggling. It doesn’t hurt to stay ahead of hard times.

Inside each of the monthly courses, the couple will receive more tips and skills related to the monthly topic as well as some fun date night activities, Communication Cards to improve their skills, and Connection Cards to guide them into deeper, more meaningful intimacy.

Happy marriages are a choice. We help them understand the choices that are sure to lead them to live happily ever after. The best wedding gift ever!

Here's How It Works 

  1. SYMBIS Assessment and Report. First, each individual will be emailed their own questionnaire containing about 100 questions, taking about 45 minutes to complete. When both have completed the questions and have submitted their answers, they will each receive a detailed report explaining their unique and combined results.
  2. "First Night" Preparation Course. Before the Big Day, and before the wedding night, the couple will receive their "First Night" Welcome Box in the mail, and access to the 5 life coaching videos to set them up for success.  
  3. "First Year" Marriage Enhancement Program. After they are married, each month the couple will have access to the monthly SYMBIS topic video and worksheets.