Marriage Enhancement Program

Learn the most effective habits for a successful marriage

"Marriage Enhancement" 

We often need help to see all the opportunities to improve ourselves. Your happiness will improve as you learn to use the tools that will help you and your spouse connect deeper than you have before. This program includes both the SYMBIS Relationship Assessment with it's corresponding report and the 12-month Relationship Enhancement Lessons. This program is designed and proven to significantly improve your marital happiness. If this is your desire, this program will help you improve your marriage today!

Total $97


Your Marriage Understood and Improved

What's Included

The SYMBIS Relationship Assessment and Report is an assessment of the individual and couple that helps clarify areas in the relationship that are strengths and areas that need some attention and discussion. The report is meant to bring potential challenges to the surface so they can be addressed before marriage. SYMBIS stands for Save Your Marriage Before It Starts. The SYMBIS Plus Assessment and Report is for married couples and will help clarify where you and your spouse may have developed unhelpful habits and give you focused areas that will bring you closer together.

Sold alone - $49 USD.

The Marriage Enhancement Course is our 12-month flagship! This program is designed for all married couples, whether they have been married for a week, a month, a decade, or 40 years. It’s designed to establish or reestablish healthy marital habits – those habits that have been proven to fuel more marital bliss and to continually nourish your connection. There’s always more to learn, improve, and enjoy together.

Every month in their digital library, the couple will receive access to a new lesson that includes a coaching video and resources that correspond to the SYMBIS Report categories.  This will give them a chance to dive more deeply into their SYMBIS results – in more detail to discuss their insights and to better learn and grow together. Seriously, everyone can benefit from this program, whether your marriage is strong already or struggling. Stay ahead of future challenges.

In addition to the digital lesson and resources, the couple will receive fun date night activities, Communication Cards to improve their skills, and Connection Cards to guide them into deeper, more meaningful conversations.

Happy marriages are a choice. We help couples understand the choices that are sure to lead them to live happily ever after. The best wedding gift ever!