Restoring Intimacy

Begin Restoring the Intimacy YOU crave

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This Course Is For Anyone Who Has Felt:

You love your spouse so much but your "not in the mood" to be intimate so much 

Having sex is mainly for your spouse but not for you 

Not too interested in intercourse  

Don't know what turns YOU on 

Being intimate mainly out of "Duty" 

Blame your spouse for lack of arousal 

Don't have your own reasons for intercourse 

“Too busy, too tired" 

Neglect the sexual side of Yourself 

Don't know where to start 

Unsatisfied emotionally 

Here’s How It Works

Participants get access to a 4 video mini course. The entire course takes less than an hour to complete and to begin changing your life.

Video 1: Welcome and Definitions of Intimacy

Video 2: The Intimacy Trek (the required steps for true intimacy), Communicating Effectively, and Becoming Boss of all aspects of your life

Video 3: Choosing YOUR reasons for intimacy and an Introduction to the Self Coaching Model

Video 4: 3 Goals to help you restore intimacy, “Can You” Questions, “I” Statements, and Communicating on the Model

Also included are worksheets to help you discover new ways to identify the areas of your life and your relationship that need to improve.

 Restoring Intimacy

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