Emotional Intimacy Effect: Intimacy Beyond Sex

The Relationship You Want From the Thoughts You Create


You Can Have The Relationship You Dream About

Regardless of how you feel about your spouse or any relationship, you can start changing your thoughts and actions NOW! It may not feel like it, but you already have what it takes to have the intimacy and relationship you desire. Learn how to adjust your thinking and choose joy today. This course is groundbreaking in helping people improve their lives by becoming BOSS of their lives and choosing a perspective that will flood new light and possibilities into life.  


Here's How It Works 

Participants get access to a 6 lesson course where lesson builds on the skills, knowledge and practice from the previous lesson. 

Each lesson includes video instruction from Shellie and assignments to work on. Lessons are structured for weekly improvements but feel free to binge lessons if you would like.

This Course Is For Anyone Who Has Felt

You love your spouse so much but your "not in the mood" to be intimate so much

Having sex is mainly for your spouse but not for you

Not too interested in intercourse 

Don't know what turns them on

Being intimate mainly out of "Duty"

Blame their spouse for lack of arousal

Don't have their own reasons for intercourse

"too busy, too tired"

Ignore the sexual side of themselves

Don't know where to start

Unsatisfied emotionally




Your Spouse Wants The Same Thing

If I have learned anything from my clients, it's that our spouse wants us to be happy, and have a healthy and intimate relationship as much or even more thanĀ WeĀ Do!

Our spouse often just doesn't knowĀ how to help us feel happy andĀ feelĀ the desire we long for. Don't worry, once they find out you are learning the skills to improve yourĀ relationship and intimacy, they will feel the effects of it all, and do almost anything to help!

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